The best spots around Berchtesgaden national park in Germany!

I just came back from Berchtesgaden national park and it was AMAZING. The landscapes are stunning and there are so many things to do in the area.

4 day's where just not enough...

So, let me tell you about my experience!

Schönau am Königssee

A small town, located at Königssee where I have stayed for 3 nights in a lovely pension. The people are so kind and helpful in this area. When you arrive at Königssee, there are a few trails which give you all amazing views. The trail starts on the left side behind the wooden cabins, suitable for families or when you continue the trail for the more experienced.

Just a 15 minute walk away you will find Malerwinkel, this place gives you an amazing window view over the lake! I do recommend to walk a bit further until there is a path going down. When you follow this path you will arrive at the same level of the water which gives you even a better view! It's also a bit more quiet since there are no signs going this direction, you have to kind of explore it yourself!

If you are up for a bit longer and harder trail, there is also a way going up towards Rabenwand which gives you a stunning view from higher up! It's about 30-40 minutes walk from Malerwinkel and requires good shoes. (The walk can take longer if you are a photo geek like me and have to stop every second!)

At nighttime I went back to this amazing place to capture the stars. I have to warn you, this is not for the faint-hearted! (I appeared to be a big pussy and left again after 5 minutes!) The forest is really dark, quiet and although it's very easy to walk, it is SUPER scary! I went alone and felt like walking into a horror movie, so please, bring some company when you go!


You cannot miss them, the beautiful small boats. Definitely have a ticket and let them take you to Bartholomä. It takes about 20 minutes to get there and you have a nice boattrip over the lake where you here more about the history and even get a short trumpet show! (Sounds a bit weird but it's actually really funny). Unfortunately, this is the only stop they make in wintertime.

Once you arrived at Bartholomä there are different trails. My travel buddy Dorothee and I wanted to see the Eiskappele. This trail is for the more experienced and requires good shoes!

The Eiskappele is locates at about 950m height and only visible in summertime. We came in wintertime but we did not know this at that moment.

The trail starts at the forest which gives you really a fairy tale feeling. White flowers blooming, green everywhere. It's a beautiful walk which goes upwards later on.

Once we were walking at a higher altitude, we faced a lot of snow which made it a bit more difficult to walk. As stubborn as we are, we gave it a try anyway and the views were incredible! We had to stop on a certain point because it got too dangerous. Oh my, what an adventure!

TIP: after this amazing walk, go back to Schönau to the restaurant on the right side of the lake, it's called Gaststätte Echostüberl and they have the BEST hachee soup and Germknödel.


Just a 15 minute ride from Königssee, or about 30/45 minutes by bus you arrive at Hinterssee. A beautiful small lake where you can walk around or walk various routes through the Zauberwald. As a wedding photographer I had to shoot a couple here! Stay tuned for this one, they are EPIC!

Klausbachtal suspension bridge

Another stunning place close to Hintersee which is pretty easy to walk to. There is a parking place at the Klausbachhaus and a busstop close by where the trail starts. The trail takes you through a beautiful forest surrounded by stunning mountains. It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to the suspension bridge. The trail continues afterwards, but I did not go since I had to go back to get my flight!

This were the places I have visited and enjoyed a lot! Every walk was unique and would recommend everyone to do it! Be aware that when you go in winter time like me, a lot of places are closed or more difficult to reach, in summer time you can visit even more places! Downside,,, it will also be way more busy and I had the opportunity to enjoy this nature without too many tourists around me!

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